Fun and creative way of developing entrepreneurial skills!

This game has been developed within the “WomInCreativePower” project to inspire and empower people who have business ideas and dreams. The game is designed for women with migrant backgrounds (migrant women) and not only. Through the game, participants are expected to receive basic knowledge related to entrepreneurship. While playing, they get hints and tools for developing business ideas and see the final version of their ideas after the implementation.

The goal of the game is to create a fictional company related to any professional field and come up with a business canvas template. For the next step, participants need to collect resources, specialists (necessary for the organization), and complete tasks that would help make a business canvas.

The game encourages the expression of negotiation skills, competitiveness, cooperation and communication, a creative approach to solving various problems, finding ways to formulate and implement ideas, as well as meeting other women characters who realized their thoughts and dreams by overcoming obstacles.

The participants will have an opportunity to see the similarities and differences of their ideas and desires, which will help them appreciate and evaluate them. In the last stage, as a result of the game, participants will write down their ideas of the imaginary business, consider the possible ways, resources, and challenges, will be able to address the raised concerns and receive feedback. The game will help them be more open-minded, consider the opportunities, oversee the challenges, and find ways of addressing them.

The project is a KA2 Strategic Partnership co-founded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union – Luxembourgish National Agency – Anefore.

During the game participants communicate with each other, negotiate, exchange resources, thoughts, etc., present their “projects”, hand over the business canvas to facilitators, after which their work is being evaluated by a special system.

Name of entrepreneurSphere of entrepreneurshipNotes and points (up to 5 points per category/per person)Final points
Original ideaCorrect targetingEffective naming and the brand styleCreativity/ SolutionsTask
Group 1Food industry, cookies++++5
Group 2crafts, handmade candles4
Group 32
Group 43
Group 55
Your group name20/5 = 4 points

Cards of the tasks, resources, professional fields, characters and tips are placed on the table.

  • pens and papers, business plan templates should be provided to the participants

Number of players: min 7 (6+1 facilitator), max 17 (16+1 facilitator)
The package contains:
Instructions Flyer
17 Business Fields
20 Inspirational Cards
32 Resources
36 Specialists
36 Task cards – 36×1
4 Business Plan templates
Evaluation Scores template


  1. The group of players should be divided into groups of 3 or 2. One player is the facilitator and should read the rules in advance.
  2. The groups take the template of the business plan and one field.
  3. They have ten min to fill out the form.
  4. After 5 min the facilitator approaches each of the groups and offers to take a card “busting thought from the famous women”, “tip or inspiration card”, this will remind participants that half of the time is gone and will serve as an inspiration for the groups including advice from female entrepreneurs.
  5. After 10 min each group takes the dice and based on the number can choose resources and professionals. They roll the dice and collect resources based on the number of the dice. Later, the player will have the opportunity to exchange one resource for another. (the balance or imbalance will be decided by the groups)
    For example, if the dice shows 6:
    The first group can take 6 cards of professionals
    The second group can take 6 resources
    The third group can take 3/3
    The fourth group can take 1/5
  6. Afterward, the players line up their resources and try to figure out what resources they need or don’t need (one minute). After this, the groups have one min to exchange the cards in the forum during which the players can exchange the resources they lack through negotiation, as well as exchange of thoughts and ideas.
  7. They return from the market/forum with resources and ideas.
  8. After that, they do preliminary pitching. Each group takes a “task” card and “makes the task” on spot.
  9. They take the tasks, solve them, and write the results in their template, the tasks are separate points that actually contribute to the preparation. By completing the task, the participant automatically approaches the one-page business plan development. For example, the task may include formulating the vision, mission, goals, etc. of the field organization, which is in the previous template. This will help participants finalize the wording. They can also get other tasks, which will help them find creative solutions and various connections before the pitching round.
    a. Apart from that, the conditions for the completion of the assignment, the expected resource or the points are mentioned on the card.
    b. The participant needs the points for the completion of the final business plan. In addition, they can be used profit when presenting the business plan ** The trainer can take the role of an expert and exchange advice with points.
    c. They are given time and opportunity to have a discussion with a game leader for certain points.
    d. The number of tasks may depend on the number of team members, the time is limited / a small hourglass will indicate the duration.
    e. After the completion of the tasks the groups have 3 min to prepare for pitching.
  10. Each group has two min for pitching, each group presents in front of the others.

The groups assess the pitching and the task anonymously and give the results to the facilitator.
Once participants have completed the form, they should pitch their ideas, trying to persuade and prove the value of their project proposal. At the same time, they should line up the cards of the resources, professionals, etc. in order to show the priorities. This will help involve the participants and make the speeches more emotional. The points can be considered as a certain profit or capital.


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Arevik Mkrtchyan – Head of the design team
Lily Karapetyan – Graphic designer
Nazeli Hovhannisyan – Grapic artist
Jirayr Ghukasyan – Product designer
Erika Mirzoyan – Graphic designer