The WomInCreativePower (WICP) is is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ of the European Union that aims to support the labor and social integration of migrant women in the EU hosting societies and their labor markets. WICP is focused on addressing gaps in the social and economic integration process of migrant and refugee women. In its earlier stages (IO2), WICP has focused on the development of the mentorship program for migrant women to contribute to the development of their economic integration into the labor market with the focus on entrepreneurship and self-employment in the creative sector.

To further promote the contact and cooperative interaction of migrant women within their host society, IO3 is summarized on the development of a tandem training program that focuses on the creative skills training and peer-to-peer exchange of skills; and socio-cultural and linguistic orientation. Another purpose is to promote the social integration of migrant and refugee women through skills development and empowerment through women-to-women networks.

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