Meet Kristina, a Croatian expat working in Budapest, Hungary as a product manager for an international company. She is also a yoga teacher who fell in love with teaching and helping women overcome the fear of change. She helps women build a growth mindset, develop self-confidence and improve their daily practices towards achieving success through her 1:1 yoga and breath-working sessions. 

This video was produced as part of our WomInCreativePower (WICP) project, which is a KA2 Strategic Partnership co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union – Luxembourgish National Agency Anefore .

WICP aims to support the economic integration of migrant women into their receiving communities by investing in the development of skills related to entrepreneurship and to the creative sector. This approach emerges from the perception that self-employment and entrepreneurship represent a promising pathway for migrant women to access the labor market.

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