As WICP is coming to an end, several objectives have been achieved in the past two years by the partners Povod, Formation et Sensibilisation de Luxembourg – FSL, SwIdeas, SubjectiveValuesFoundation.

Interviews and desk research was conducted with more than 20 experts on the needs of migrant and refugee women regarding their economic and social integration into their host communities.

A Mentorship programme with more than 50 migrant and refugee women was implemented aiming to enhance entrepreneurial and business skills.

Tandem training with more than 40 women to develop creative, linguistic and socio-cultural skills.

20 videos that will reflect the stories of women who have gone through the integration process in EU countries.

Last but not least—> Smart Start board game, which can be used in supporting the integration process of migrant and refugee women in a sustainable and endured manner after the end of the project’s duration.

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