The WICP project was implemented to support the integration of migrant and refugee women into European societies. One of the key objectives of the project was to collect and disseminate knowledge and tools that would enable migrant and refugee women to better integrate into their new communities. To this end, the partners made huge efforts to collect video and audio recordings aimed at sharing experiences and information with the target group. These recordings were made available on an online platform to ensure accessibility for interested parties even after the project’s completion.

In addition to collecting and disseminating knowledge and tools through video and audio recordings, the partnership also developed a board game called “Smart Start” to promote the multiplier potential of the beneficiaries and equip them with tools for dissemination. The game focuses on collaborative problem-solving and can be used to engage with non-direct and indirect beneficiaries of the project. The beneficiaries of the project had an opportunity to learn how to use the game as a means of fostering social and economic inclusion of migrant and refugee women through interactive learning during the project’s final multiplier events.

All the printable materials can be found here.

English version

Arabic version

“Smart Start” Game Resources

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